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UPDATE 23 November 2015


The recent attacks in France and Mali have once again brought home the real and ever-present danger posed by terrorism. This week CFOA joins many organisations across the country in supporting National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week and promoting the steps than can be taken to help prevent an attack within the UK.

Every day this week police will be focusing on different issues of counter terrorism and terrorist threats from attack planning; protecting businesses and crowded places; cyber-attacks; and online extremism and radicalisation.

Key areas for consideration will be:

  • Public vigilance online and off
  • Industry preparedness for cyber-attack
  • Raising awareness of the threat from online extremism
  • Protecting hardware – are you aware?

Given the heightened threat levels currently in place across continental Europe, the need for increased vigilance and awareness to help ensure that the UK is in the best position to deter and detect potential terrorist threats is clear.

Everyone has a role to play in keeping the UK safe from terrorism, and vigilance is key.

If you suspect it, report it!

Nobody is better placed to detect something that is out of place in their communities than the people living in them. Suspicious activity should be reported by calling the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.

Whilst the current threat level to the UK from international terrorism is severe, the key message is to be alert, but not alarmed.

For further information please visit The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) website, which provides both sector-specific and general guidance to help prevent, protect and mitigate the impact of a terrorist attack in the UK.

Roy Wilsher, CFOA Operations Director


Formed by the Chief Fire Officers Association in 2009 to assure the Department for Communities and Local Government that the National Resilience capabilities generated were able to meet the new threats to national stability, CNR has developed unique skill sets and has unparalleled access to the Fire and Rescue Service. CNR provides operational assurance at the strategic level.

As the UK’s Centre of excellence for National Resilience, CNR is actively engaged in managing bespoke assurance and equipment management programmes for a number of Government departments and organisations.

CNR has vast experience in all matters resilience. As the business continuity assurance expert for the UK, CNR has developed unique expertise that can assist everyone and anyone, from small business enterprises to strategic emergency planning at a national level.

Known, trusted and authoritative, CNR can help, advise and assist with smart solutions for risk reduction across the sector.

From operational design to practical on-the-ground execution, CNR delivers where it matters, when it matters most.

Recent highlights include:

  • Flood relief in the UK
  • Major exercise planning, execution and evaluation at a national level
  • Project management for specialist projects
  • Consultancy to selected private sector partners
  • Introduction of innovative cost-saving solutions that maintain capability
  • Provision of specialist training to Fire and Rescue Services internationally.

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